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Where to stay for the Eclipse on August 21

Be part of history. Check out these hotels along the path of the eclipse.
Some locations are already filling up, so book now!

About the Eclipse

The total solar eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017 marks an historic event for the US population. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the Earth and the sun such that the moon partially or completely blocks the sun’s position in the sky. This causes the moon to cast a shadow across parts of the Earth. This is a common event from a global perspective, but to witness one in your location is extremely rare!

On August 21, a total eclipse will pass over 14 states as it sweeps across the country. The US hasn’t experienced a major total eclipse like this since 1918 and won’t again until 2045! You won't want to miss it.

How to Prepare

Prepare carefully! The path of totality is narrow. Viewers outside of the path will still be able to witness a partial eclipse, but you’ll need to be inside the path to watch the moon cover the sun completely (this is called “totality.”) If you don’t live near the path of the shadow, we’ve gathered a list of hotels for you to travel to that are located in or close to the eclipse’s totality shadow. Book now… Rooms are filling up quickly!

If you plan to stay outside of the path, make plans to drive to a location under the shadow to experience totality. We recommend downloading the Totality app (only available for iPhone at this time) or the Eclipse2017 app (for iPhone and Android) to check your location for local start and end times.

Popular Viewing Destinations

The eclipse’s path of totality will touch 14 states, but many popular destinations are already fully booked. Here’s our choice of popular locations along the path of this summer’s eclipse. Click through to see available hotels in each city:


Portland Oregon

The eclipse’s path will span the entire width of the state of Oregon, but most of the viewing regions will be fairly rural. Portlanders and visitors to the Portland area will need to drive south to witness totality.


Idaho Falls

There are very few rooms available in Idaho, but Idaho Falls will be one of the first places to see the total eclipse at 10:15 a.m. local time. To get the best view, head to mountaintop locations like Sun Valley and Borah Peak.


Casper Wyoming

Casper is home to the Wyoming Eclipse Festival and will be a popular spot for eclipse watching, and the city will be hosting events over the entire week prior to the main event on August 21. Grand Teton National Park anticipates an influx of visitors on Eclipse Day as it lies directly in the path of the event. Even with the crowds that day it will be worth a trip!


Lincoln Nebraska

In Lincoln, the total eclipse occurs at 1:02 p.m. and can be seen along Interstate 80 between Lincoln and North Platte. If you’re on the road that day, be sure to pull off the highway to view the event undistracted, and have your certified solar glasses handy! Standard sunglasses are not a safe substitute during partial phases.


St. Louis Missouri

Several cities in Missouri will be able to witness totality, but check your maps because St. Louis and Kansas City are right on the edge, so don’t get caught outside of the path! Jefferson City is a great choice for viewing, though many other cities in the state will also experience totality.


Carbondale Illinois

Unfortunately, Chicago is not in the path of the total eclipse. Chicago will still experience a partial eclipse, but to experience totality, residents will have to head south. Carbondale will witness one of the longest durations of the total eclipse which will last for an estimated 2 minutes and 35 seconds.


Paducah Kentucky

The moon’s shadow will clip the western edge of Kentucky as it sweeps east. The city of Paducah will get prime viewing at 1:22 p.m., where the total eclipse will last for 2 minutes and 20 seconds. For outdoor enthusiasts, Kentucky's Land Between the Lakes will offer prime views and activities.



Nashville has a number of hotels offering great rates. Knoxvillians will have to travel west to be under the shadow while Chattanooga residents should head east. The Smoky Mountains will be the site of a number of events as the shadow covers half of the national park.


Clayton Georgia

Atlanta is not in the path of the total eclipse, but it will be worth your time to head northeast. Residents hoping to witness the event will have to travel north to cities like Clayton here they can experience totality for 2m 34s at 2:00 p.m. local time.


Charleston South Carolina

South Carolina is the country’s change to see the solar event before it sweeps over the Atlantic. Greenville, Columbia, and Charleston are all great choices, so book your hotel stay now. There are still options across the state!

Get Your Gear

Viewing an eclipse without special glasses can cause permanent eye damage. While it is safe to look at the sun during the few minutes of totality, it is important to wear certified protective eyewear before and after the main event, during the eclipse’s partial phases. NASA’s Eclipse safety page recommends one of these brands: Rainbow Symphony or American Paper Optics.

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