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See hotel page In Eure, about twenty kilometers north-west of Evreux, a warm 3-star hotel managed by Franois Bignalet, awaits you. Built between the football stadium and the athletics stadium of the city of Neubourg, The Originals City, Hotel Acadine, Le Neubourg is a great stop on the roads of Normandy for your tourist or professional trips. 46 spacious rooms, 1 small gym, 2 seminar rooms (which can be opened to make a large room) and 1 large parking lot are at your disposal. Notice to drivers of electric cars, the hotel has just installed 2 charging stations.

The Originals City, Hotel Acadine, Le Neubourg

Le Mont Roti 11-13, route de Conches

Le Neubourg, Haute-Normandie, France

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