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In the SLC International Center, you’ll find our Tru by Hilton Salt Lake City Airport hotel. We put you close to all the city sites, from the famous historical sites to the scenic natural beauty of Utah. Free WiFi, a huge bathroom and 55-inch TV create balance in each room. With 150+ channels to choose from, you might find yourself binge watching your favorite shows after a day of skiing. Try the ‘Build your Own’ Breakfast toppings bar with 30 sweet, savory and healthy ways to sprinkle your food with personality. Grab a donut or bagel and then choose your favorite topping. Customize each element of your morning meal with various options. Throughout the day, grab snacks, drinks, light meals and single-serve wine and beer in the 24/7 market. Stretch out the travel knots in the fitness center or get in some cardio before a busy day. Play games, finish that work project and sip some delicious coffee and tea in our spacious lobby. Affordable travel now comes with unexpected things – like certainty.

Tru by Hilton Salt Lake City Airport

206 N Jimmy Doolittle Road

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

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