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Palacio Mundo Imperial in Acapulco, is located in the Mundo Imperial complex. (Forum Mundo Imperial, Promenade and the convention center Expo Mundo Imperial). The hotel is located in the exclusive Diamante Area, 0.4 miles from La Isla Shopping Village, 7.6 miles from Revolcadero Beach and 1.6 miles from General Juan N Alvarez International Airport (ACA). The business area is 16.6 miles away. Palacio Mundo Imperial offers 814 rooms and Suites with marble floors and contemporary furniture, distributed in two separate towers. Scala Sea ClubLocated in one of the most regional places of our Riviera Diamante, a new meeting point for all young people and families where the goal is to spend an unforgettable afternoon, full of music, dining experiences and good DJs in front of a spectacular view our "Playa Bonfil Acapulco".A perfect place for those guests and clients who wish to enjoy the sun, sea and sand, on a relaxing afternoon enjoying the light of the sunset.

Palacio Mundo Imperial

Blvd. Barra Vieja No. 3 Col. Plan de los Amates

Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico

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