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Super 8 Hotel Zhenjiang Jiangsu University Xue Fu Lu is located on the middle of Zhenjiang Xue Fu Lu. It is next to Oushang Market and High grade residential. The hotel has beautiful surrounding environment and convenient traffic. The culture breath is very strong. It is very convenient for you to travel. Our hotel supplies with personality amorous feelings room, romantic music water bedroom which can make your life exciting. Our hotel also has free parking, free domestic and long distance telephone. When you check in after 24 oclock, then you should only pay 100 Yuan. Our slogan is that if you live in our hotel, you can enjoy romantic and surprise. There is a dining room on the top floor. The Romantic and warmth layout make you feel comfortable. You can feel relaxed while chatting and making friends there. Super 8 Hotel Zhenjiang Xue Fu Lu provides great value at an international standard, along with the Clean, Friendly and Consistent Service that is the hallmark of Super 8 Hotels worldwide.

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