How Roomkey Takes the Hassle Out of Booking Hotels

couple laying on hotel bed_roomkeyEvery group has that one person—the organizer of all things travel. If you’re reading this blog, then perhaps that person if you. As the official trip planner for your family, your title comes with its ups and downs. You’ll get all of the praises when trips go right, but if a hotel isn’t exactly what you expected or your flight gets delayed at the last minute, you’re the one who has to deal with it. With that added pressure to make sure everything goes smoothly, we know it can be a pain to make all the travel decisions.

What if we told you that Roomkey can help you book your next hotel without all the hassle and runaround? By having the right information and making smart decisions with how you book, you can actually book your next hotel stay completely stress-free. Here’s how…

Plan Before You Book

To make booking a hotel as easy as possible, we recommend you break your trip planning process into three steps.

  1. Plan where you’re going – Research the top things you want to do to help you pin down the exact area you want to stay in. Here are some ideas to get you started.
  2. Plan how you’re going to get there – If you think driving is a possibility, see how long it will take you to get there. Compare this information with how long it will take you to fly and the costs associated with that. You may have some frequent flyer miles on your credit card that can help you in making a decision.
  3. Finally, figure out where you will stay – This is when you’ll want to think about what amenities you’re looking for in a hotel. Maybe you want a hotel with a pool for the kids or a spa where you can get some peace and quiet.

Now that you know where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, and have an idea of what you want in a hotel, you’re ready to start booking. But this is where it can get tricky—deciding how you’re going to book.

Secret #1: Don’t Book Through an OTA

As the planner, you’re probably the one to dive deep into your hotel search using the popular online travel agencies (OTAs) like Expedia or Yet, after hours of searching and comparing rates that all seem to be the same, you may be just a little confused. While OTA marketing messages promise easy booking, research shows that consumers are actually spending a ton of time visiting travel websites just to research where to their trip. In fact, consumers are visiting 38 sites before booking. That’s a lot of sites! And so much time.

On top of the stress and added search time, OTAs’ questionable marketing tactics can make you feel pressured into booking a hotel before you’re ready, leaving you with “booker’s remorse” and potentially paying more than you would have wanted.

We said enough was enough. So we created a hotel search experience that is free from the gimmicks and confusing messages that you see on OTA sites. Lower your travel-planning anxiety by starting your search on We consolidate hotel search into one platform (just like OTAs do) but do so without the gimmicks that other travel sites use.

Experience User-Friendly Hotel Search with Roomkey

At Roomkey, we offer a user-friendly search tool for people who are looking for the best hotel that fits their needs, price range, and location preferences. We partner with your favorite hotel brands, so our search results are honest and true to what the hotel has available. Because of this, there’s no need for us to use colorful flags or assertive messages in our search results to convince you to book a room. All you’ll see is low loyalty rates and information straight from the hotels you’re interested in.

If you’re not quite ready to book or if you want to wait until the best moment to book, then set up a price alert so you can strike when the rates are low. Not many other sites offer a service like that, but we do.

Compare Loyalty Rates in One Place

No other online travel site shows you discounted loyalty prices from multiple hotel memberships in one search tool. Instead of having to individually log on to multiple hotel websites to check the lower rates that are available to you as a loyalty member, we display them all in one place. Loyalty member rates are usually the lowest rates that you can find for a hotel room, so you’d be silly not to check for them if you’re on the hunt for the lowest prices. If you’re not a member of any hotel yet, here’s advice on which one to pick. Or, better yet, sign up for all of them to snag lower rates wherever you stay. (We did! It’s sweet.)

Book Directly with Our Hotel Partners

Roomkey helps take the hassle out of hotel search and rate comparison shopping. But we help take the hassle out of booking as well. When you find a hotel you want, we’ll redirect you to the hotel’s own website where you’ll complete your booking with them. This means no middlemen and no third-party sites that run the risk of messing up your reservation.

Booking with Roomkey means booking direct, and we’re sure you’ll like that experience better than booking through an OTA. Skip the hassle and the wasted hours searching for hotels on OTA sites and book your next hotel through Roomkey. Just think of all of the things you could do with those hours back… Might we suggest spending that time finally signing up for TSA PreCheck. We promise you won’t regret it!