What is Roomkey?

One of the best-kept secrets in online travel booking, Roomkey is a hotel booking site founded by six of the world's leading hotel companies. Our mission is to bring honesty, integrity, and transparency to the hotel booking process.

When we took a hard look at online hotel search, we didn’t like what we saw – tricks, half-truths, and misleading information were making it harder than ever to know if you were picking the right hotel and getting a fair price. A lot of online travel sites claim to have the ‘best’ price on a hotel room, and many ‘guarantee’ it. But often they just have the same price that everyone else does, accompanied by a lot of techniques designed to get you to buy a hotel room quickly.

At Roomkey, we’re setting a new standard in travel. That’s why we created hotel search that puts your best interests first and makes it easy to find a hotel you won’t have to second-guess. We even give you the ability to compare hotel prices against lower loyalty rates so you can know you’ve left no stone unturned in your research. We give you all of the facts you need, presented in a way that makes sense. Then we take you straight to the hotel’s website to secure your rate, room, and loyalty points.

Because we’re owned by the major hotel brands, we get our information straight from the source and you get to shop across all of the brands you trust.

Search without the gimmicks. Hotel booking without the runaround. That’s how we make travel work for you!

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